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Peaululu - Organic Plant Intimate Care Fragrance [Wood]

Peaululu - Organic Plant Intimate Care Fragrance [Wood]


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"A lot of people don't know why they use perfume in their private parts?
Girls are really hard. Most women must have problems with inflammation, itching and peculiar smell in their private parts, especially in the hot summer, so we usually need to take care of them, and after using perfume in the private parts, you will feel a There is a light fragrance all day long, not too deliberately perfumed, it smells like its own body fragrance, and the mood will become very good

2020 Newly launched Peaululu organic plant intimate care fragrance, full of fragrance from the inside out, maintains intimate cleanliness, not only eliminates odor, but also helps improve secretion and prevent menstrual pain
Does not add any sensitive ingredients, three pure plant essential oils, without any greasy discomfort, all ingredients without preservatives, surfactants, colorants, alcohol, natural essential oils Fragrance care, effectively remove odor, clean private parts
Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, improve secretion and pain
The most important 48H continuous antibacterial
Menstrual period : 1 to 2 drops on a sanitary napkin
Daily: 1 to 2 drops directly on underwear or cotton pads
Everyday: can directly replace perfume, apply behind ear or wrist
Drop it on the bedding, soothe the mind before going to bed, and have a good night's sleep

""Organic Botanical Intimate Fragrance*

Sweet Peach
Sweet peach fragrance, sweet to make people kiss
Mouth, like the beginning of a girl's love treasure, like pure
of love.

English Pear
Delicate and pure English pear aroma, sweet but not
Cookie-cutter, can exude fruity mellow in any occasion.

Royal Rose
Sweet and rich rose fragrance, slightly sexy
Ripe, like a rose, romantic and passionate,
Charming scent.

Fresh Woody Woody
Yan Buddha is as fresh as the early spring and the second generation, and it is lingering
The faint scent of green smoke in the deep forest is desirable

Milky Vanilla Vanilla Milk
In the unique milk fragrance, the childlike innocence is like a girl
Sweet and pure, with both addictive sweetness and
Unexpectedly fresh double charm. "


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