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日本SSI Nipple Dome R Wild

日本SSI Nipple Dome R Wild
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The long-awaited nipple dome fans all over the world! The second new dome is "the world's widest and sexy nipple development goods"!

Based on " Breast Engineering", the natural curve wraps around the entire bust with the "design that is close to the world's best breasts "

! A new type of nipple dome that has appeared over the years. With the outstanding transparency, the rotation caress to the nipple is completely visible. Not only for Chikney fans, but also for SM play and adult videos, the range of play of "Nipple Dome" has been expanded to a wider range.

● Special cup based on breast engineering

The warm polycarbonate cup fits a wide range of bust sizes.

An asymmetrical design is adopted based on "breast engineering" that reproduces the natural curve of women.

Since it is bordered with a silicone ring, the touch on the skin is soft.

If you are a woman with a standard cup, you should be fully satisfied.

If you replace the attached height adjustment parts, the height will be 1 cup UP. (The handle turns, but there is no height adjustment function)

● Easy installation and customization

Includes a special cloth strap, which makes it easy to set and adheres to the bust. Of course , it can also be fixed with [Nipple Dome Harness Lux] (sold separately).

If you are a core chikney fan, there are also people who aim for the best fitting by processing the handicraft materials they have and big size bras.

● High-performance gear that moves slowly and does not stop

The high torque that the nipple pressed to the base of the attachment does not stop deeply and the silent design that can be enjoyed even at midnight are the same as the conventional "Nipple Dome R".

With a lightweight controller equipped with a lithium battery, 10-step power adjustment x 10 types of rotation patterns and "turbo mode" that delivers the strongest and fastest rotation at any time are also alive and well.

● Jack type with plenty of compatibility

The controller is the "jack type" that the nipple series is proud of. [KIZUNA controller dry cell type] [KIZUNA smart controller] can be freely replaced.

Of course, dozens of types of [nipple attachments] (sold separately) are all supported. Feel free to change it and enjoy your own "strongest chikney".

* The polarity of the jack is different from the old type goods. If it does not work after connecting to other jack type compatible goods, please purchase a separate [polarity conversion cable] (sold separately).

* Silicone material is used for the contact point between the cup and the skin.

Avoid silicone lotion and use water-soluble lotion such as [Nipple Dome Lotion] [Nipple Attachment Lotion 60 Full Time] .

* The front strap is a small part, so be careful not to lose it. If it is difficult to set, use a screwdriver with a fine tip.

■ Fit comment by monitor

"I usually wear a bra size [C65], and the size of the nipple is small. When I stood up and hit it, I touched or did not touch the attachment, but when I lean forward, the nipple gently hits.

" I'm wearing a [D70] bra and I think the nipples are the standard size for women. When I stand and hit them, they gently hit the nipples. When I lean forward, it feels like the nipples sink firmly into the attachment.

" I usually wear a D65] bra and my nipples are solid. I felt that the size fits the cup and it fits perfectly on my nipples. "

" I wear a [G65] bra and my nipples are It's small, but it hits the nipple firmly just by applying it softly. "

* Since the cup is made of polycarbonate, it will not change shape. Please check your bust size before purchasing.

* The recommended bust is C cup or higher, but there are differences in usability depending on the physique, posture, and nipple condition.

■ Contents

Cup body x 2 points, controller, charging magnet type USB cable, height adjustment parts x 2 points, attachment 1 type x 2 points, fixing strap (front strap, long strap), instruction manual

* Only for the first production, 1 type x 4 attachments are included.

■ Body

cup size: H135 × W130 × D125mm

Controller: H60 × W45 × D22mm

Weight: 340g (Cup × 2 + controller)

■ Package

size: H200 × W335 × D95mm

Gross weight: 720g

■ Material

Cup body: Polycarbonate

cup ring: Silicon

Attachment: Elastomer (Food Analysis Tested [No. 18020229001-0101])

女士用品|乳房陰蒂震動器|SSI Japan|4582137936552|Nipple Dome R Wild; 女士用品|乳房陰蒂震動器|SSI Japan|4582137936552|Nipple Dome R Wild; 女士用品|乳房陰蒂震動器|SSI Japan|4582137936552|Nipple Dome R Wild; 女士用品|乳房陰蒂震動器|SSI Japan|4582137936552|Nipple Dome R Wild; 女士用品|乳房陰蒂震動器|SSI Japan|4582137936552|Nipple Dome R Wild; 女士用品|乳房陰蒂震動器|SSI Japan|4582137936552|Nipple Dome R Wild; 女士用品|乳房陰蒂震動器|SSI Japan|4582137936552|Nipple Dome R Wild; 女士用品|乳房陰蒂震動器|SSI Japan|4582137936552|Nipple Dome R Wild;

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