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Brand: Pjur Model: 005602
上市日期:2020-08-25pjur®myspray stimulation spray for women. A refreshingly different intimacy spray for women. The new, unique formulation stimulates, thus enhancing your feelings and pleasure.pjur®myspray stimulation spray for women can safely be used with condoms but is not contraceptive and does not..
Brand: Pjur Model: 005029
Reduces hypersensitivity of the penis - without numbing!New sensitivity reducing, invisible filmFor longer pleasure. Reduce the sensitivity but not the sensation! The serum enhances the smoothness and sheathes the penis as a protective film, this lessening excessive sensibility without any numbing e..
Brand: Pjur Model: 003902
Extra moisturizing hyaluronan.Exceptionally long-lasting lubricating effect without getting sticky.The water-based lubricant with a comfortable lubricating effect, especially for hard anal sex. The addition of valuable hyaluronic acid featuring moisturising properties forms small water cushions to s..
Brand: Pjur Model: 003901
pjur® analyse me! relaxing anal glide is a silicone based lubricant which has been especially developed for anal intercourse. Precious jojoba extracts have a relaxing effect and the new formulation ensures a specially long lasting lubricating effect. pjur® analyse me! relaxing anal glide can safely..
pjur myglide stimulation 30ml Water-based Lubricant pjur myglide stimulation 30ml Water-based Lubricant
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Brand: Pjur Model: 003900
pjur® myglide stimulating and warming lubricant has been formulated according to ecological guidelines. It is a water based lubricant with a pleasant warming effect, enhancing your sensations. Ginseng stimulates and intensifies your pleasure while making love.pjur® myglide stimulating and warming lu..
Brand: Pjur Model: 003899
An enhancement product to prolong a man's pleasure: The active ingredient tannic acid derived from oak bark has a contracting effect. In combination with panthenol, this gives a desensitizing effect. One spray squirt suffices as application.The difference with pjur superhero spraypjur med PRO-LONG s..
pjur superhero EnergizinGinkgo 30ml Water-based Lubricant pjur superhero EnergizinGinkgo 30ml Water-based Lubricant
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Brand: Pjur Model: 003898
AttentionTo protect yourself against a possible intolerance, please test the product on the lower arm first. Should irritation occur discontinue use immediately. Flush irritated area with water. Keep out of reach of children. Do not apply onto open wounds. *For external use Only*Storage instructionS..
Brand: Pjur Model: 003897
How it worksOrdinary long lasting products in the market use anesthetic like Benzocaine or Lidocaine as active ingredient. pjur®superhero performance spray for men however uses an ingredient Laureth-4 which is professionally made in Germany. This ingredient effectively reduce hyper-sensitivity yet d..
Brand: Pjur Model: 003897-2
How to useUse when necessary:2-4 sprays onto penis glan and wait for 5-15 minutes for absorption.Improvement use:To get the best results we recommend to use the performance spray by applying 1-2 sprays daily after bath for 4-6 weeks at least.IngredientPropylene Glycol, Laureth-9, Alcohol denat., Aqu..
Brand: Pjur Model: 002535
pjur ORIGINAL Super Concentrated Bodyglide Extra long-lasting lubrication for massage, also designed for personal moisturizing and skin conditioning. pjur PREMIUM FORMULAS are simply the best on the market. pjur has developed a silicone and a waterbased personal lubricant designed to ..
Brand: Pjur Model: 001749
製造廠:pjur group 使用方法:每次使用適量潤滑劑於肛門及附近的部位,加以按摩數分鐘即可。 物料/主要成份Dimethicone, Dimethiconol, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Amyris Balsamifera Bark Oil. 本產品不含苯坐卡因(Benzocaine) 及/或利多卡因(Lidocaine)。pjur® BACK DOOR 肛交潤滑劑是特別調製用於肛交的強勁矽樹脂油配方潤滑劑。珍貴的希蒙得木精華有鬆弛的效果。此新配方亦可有效使潤滑劑的潤滑時間延長。此產品適合與安全套一併使用。配方特別研製供男..
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Brand: Pjur Model: 001588
Pjur Woman superconcentrated bodyglidepjur® Woman was designed especially for women, tailored to their comfort, pleasure, and sensuality. No perfumes or preservatives are used in the formula. pjur® Woman was specifically developed for a woman¡¦s soft and sensitive skin.pjur® Woman is a moisturizer a..
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