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Brand: INTT Model: 006325
上市日期:2021-07-24巴西Intt Vibration液體震蛋-泡泡糖味-歐洲系列具有振動,脈動和發熱的功能,該產品不會錯過您的生活。可用於接吻和口交。該產品將帶您進入前所未有的興奮高峰。它具有振動的感覺。歐洲系列!於歐盟地區生產及出口,經過歐盟嚴格管制及檢查,安全信心保証!來自巴西天然成分萃取,使用天然的原材料和最先進的技術,創出具有跳動感的高潮液具有獨特震動感,類似跳跳糖帶給您跳動感覺,有助於女性自身分泌潤滑液。其特殊成分讓您在極樂過程中帶來熱感,隨之溫暖膨脹迅速出水的快感,不管是與愛人一起使用或是單獨自慰,都可助您達到高潮喔跳動式高潮液。具有振動,脈動和發熱的功能,該產品不會錯過..
Brand: TryFun Model: 006313
空氣裡的曖昧吸引馨香滲透流沙,性感裹挾粉金一噴,一抹,一聞鍾情西班牙植物費洛蒙Sensfeel  成分模仿並刺激人體費洛蒙分泌費洛蒙 Pheromone一種誘導男女產生親近慾望的信息素『粉邂逅-女香』。粉邂逅女士款情趣香水,專為女性用戶設計,含特有成分SensfeelTM for her(白茉莉+長角豆樹)天然植物雌性費洛蒙,能模仿女性自然分泌的費洛蒙,使男性。在30分鐘內睾酮分泌增加82%『藍尾酒-男香』。藍尾酒男士款情趣香水,專為男性用戶設計,。含SensfeelTM for him  (毛喉鞘蕊+茶黃素)天然植物雄性費洛蒙,能有效促進男性費洛蒙(雄二烯酮)分泌。提升1..
Brand: INTT Model: 006288
上市日期:2020-12-22Most of men are never satisfied with the size or thickness of their penis. Thinking about that, Intt developed a product that increases the penis’ size momentously. By applying it, the blood vessels expand then increases the blood flows giving a penis enlargement sensation.TIP: The pr..
Brand: Eros Model: 006189
上市日期:2021-05-21This spray relaxing of Eros incorporates jojoba and CBD to provide longer lasting relationships and above all, an intense pleasure for both of you. Your continuous feeling of freshness and ensures no loss of sensation nor of the intimate care thanks to the panthenol.Format: sprayQuant..
Brand: NPG Model: 006173
上市日期:2021-05-05NPG-人體彩繪3色筆共3色彩繪筆,任性地在你的性奴身上塗畫!來玩個增加情趣的遊戲吧!新式的SM凌辱玩法,燃點激情!簡單清潔,用濕巾一抹即卸!- 一套4支- 【黑】【紅】【紫】各一- 簡單清潔由日本引進..
Brand: Intimate Model: 006140
上市日期:2021-05-01Intimate Earth MOJO Ginseng Penis Stimulating Gel-30ml• Niacin and Ginseng for harder and longer erection• Aids with erection dysfunction• Increase sensitivity for stronger orgasms• Cool and tingling sensation• Menthol Free•  Water based and Condom safeIngredient:Water, Propanedi..
Intimate Earth MOJO Natural Prostate Stimulating Gel-30ml
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Brand: Intimate Model: 006139
上市日期:2021-05-01Intimate Earth MOJO Natural Prostate  Stimulating Gel-30ml• Niacin and Yohimbe increases blood flow for the prostate• Increase sensitivity for stronger orgasms• Organic Peppermint oil• Cool and tingling sensation• Menthol Free• Perfect to use with silicone prostate stimulation to..
Brand: Orgie Model: 006137
上市日期:2021-05-01Sensfeel™ for Him is a natural active ingrediente that,increases men’s attractive power through the simultaneous action of its components which potentialize the production of androstadienone.前调:葡萄柚,柑橘,佛手柑中调:天竺葵,玫瑰,胡椒后调:栎扁枝衣,岩兰草,雪松木,麝香..
Brand: Orgie Model: 006136
上市日期:2021-05-01Sensfeel™ for Him is a natural active ingrediente that,increases men’s attractive power through the simultaneous action of its components which potentialize the production of androstadienone.前调:葡萄柚,柑橘,佛手柑中调:天竺葵,玫瑰,胡椒后调:栎扁枝衣,岩兰草,雪松木,麝香..
Brand: Orgie Model: 006135
上市日期:2021-05-01Orgie Lube Tube Cannabis-100mlIntimate Gel with Cannabis Sativa Oil and Cannabis original flavor and aroma for enhanced pleasure and intimacy. • Moisturizing and prevent/help healing minor injuries caused by friction. • Long-lasting superior grade lubrication葡萄牙進口..
Brand: Pjur Model: 006086
上市日期:2021-04-21The intimate massage gel for men in a new, stronger formula. Supports men to generate immediate results! The right choice to express your passion! The special gel with carefully selected ingredients, helps stimulating intimate areas.Instruction for use: Massage in intensively. In ord..
Brand: Pjur Model: 006085
上市日期:2021-04-21The intense massage gel cares for the men's skin and is applicable in intimate areas. With special properties of paprika extract, the massage gel can help stimulating intimate areas to keep you charming.Instruction for use:Massage in intensively. In order to avoid possible intolerance..
Brand: Pjur Model: 006084
上市日期:2021-04-21Most of the men intimate issues come from slow blood circulation. pjur MAN XTEND Cream offers you a new combination of ginkgo and ginseng extracts which is the most popular nutritional supplement in the world. Regular use and massage with XTEND cream can benefit circulation and can ha..
Brand: Play & Joy Model: 006081
上市日期:2021-04-18Hot Water-Based Personal Lubricant Travel Packs in travel size for those impromptu encounters! Added Maca herb extract speeds up orgasms from heightened sensations by warming up and increasing blood flow to the G spot, clitoris or penis when they are stimulated during foreplay or inte..
Brand: Play & Joy Model: 006034
上市日期:2021-04-01Play & Joy PJ1 Delay Spray 15ml/ 0.5 fl. OzORIGINAL INGREDIENTS: Cnidium extract, Clove extract, Herbal formula..
Brand: Herbs 草姬 Model: 006015
FunctionRestore energy with Chinese and Western herbal ingredientsEnhance hardness, strengthens physical vigor and endurance. Make you strong and toughEnhance libido, male sexual performance and satisfactionConcentrate for 5 times and enhance effectivessSuitable forPeople who are easily exhaused, po..
Brand: Herbs 草姬 Model: 006014
Men's Infinity can enhance performance, increase strength, improve endurance, so that the spirit of strong, vibrant. Natural ingredients, drug-free, safe and reliable.FunctionShow your 4 Power Up: Strong, Surge, Stamina, PassionEnhance hardness, strengthens physical vigor and endurance.   ..
Model: 005984
上市日期:2021-03-09一種新的特殊乳液,您可以進入敏感模式。玫瑰精油和檸檬草等香精油基混合物給人參帶來了興奮的感覺。乳液的潤滑作用以及玫瑰和其他成分的le鬱氣味增加了空氣的氛圍。■產品尺寸(mm)垂直78水平55深度24■產品重量(克)12■容量(克)5日本引入 ..
Brand: Orgie Model: 005918
上市日期:2021-01-29Product information "Orgie - Orgasm Drops Vibe - 15ml"Kissable clitoral arousing gel with vibrating, heating and cooling sensations. It is kissable and can be used for oral sex.The effect: sensitizes the clitoris, promotes an initial cooling sensation followed by a pleasant warming se..
Brand: INTT Model: 005801
上市日期:2020-12-29巴西Intt Vibration 液體震蛋Gel 15ml((大麻籽油)) Intt推出新款的大麻籽油蜜豆高潮液,獨家提煉以冷榨法技術製成大麻籽油,為透明無色,原料合法對人體無傷害性自巴西天然成分萃取,使用天然的原材料和最先進的技術,創出具有跳動感的高潮液..
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