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Brand: NPG Model: 005052
產品內部和腳鐐是柔軟的皮革,內層是柔軟毛質材料,因此在受約束時可減輕疼痛和束縛痕跡。 這是安全初學者最佳的SM套裝。 內容物 手扣腳扣首枷乳頭夾眼罩皮鞭SM繩 日本進口..
Brand: A-ONE Model: 004447
產品內部和腳鐐是柔軟的皮革,內層是柔軟毛質材料,因此在受約束時可減輕疼痛和束縛痕跡。 這是安全初學者最佳的SM套裝。 內容物 手扣腳扣首枷乳頭夾眼罩皮鞭SM繩 日本進口..
Brand: SSI Japan Model: 004345
SSI 絶対SM強制SM七件套SSI Japan 最新推出的一系列絕對SM商品,完全貼合用戶的需求!無論你是初學者到老手都是非常合用的SM商品。一套全身上下都用得到的萬用SM套裝!包括:眼罩、口枷、頸圈連牽引帶、手枷、腳枷、皮鞭、及拍打板-眼罩、口枷、頸圈、手枷、及腳枷均可調較尺寸,適合任何人士-仿皮材質-設夾棉安全舒適日本引入..
Brand: Noire Rose Model: 002777
Start exploring the exciting world of bondage with this great value kit. Featuring everything you need to enjoy S&M and tie-and-tease play, all perfect for beginners and adjustable for a comfortable fit- whatever your size.Product Dimension: - Mask 8cm x 20cm - Whip 60cm long - Cu..
Brand: Noire Rose Model: 002775
Slap and tickle has never been so glamorous!Product Dimension: - Whip 60cm long..
Brand: A-ONE Model: 000452
SMart Joint_009 whip is made of soft synthetic leather and 60cm straps with normal thickness. Light weighted with hard handle and wristband.- 60cm- soft and comfortable synthetic leather- easy to use- ideal for couplesImported from Japan..
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