Tutu, Tutu, everyone wants to be a white, slippery and innocent little white rabbit, and summer is approaching, and you don’t want to take off your trousers to scare your boyfriend
Faced with all kinds of fallacies in the market, how many people really know how to clean and maintain their sensitive parts.
Ohya's promotion in this issue~ Rabbit - Private Cleansing Bubble Shower Gel 120ml. A mild and special bubble shower gel for private parts. When you press it, there will be dense bubbles, and the pH value is about 5.5. It will not be too irritating when you put it on, and it will not wash away the skin after use. grease.

Moreover, the bubble contains a variety of ingredients, including: chamomile extract, hydrolyzed keratin, royal jelly extract... It can improve melanin, moisturize the younger sister's skin, and make the pubic hair smoother. It is a multi-functional washing sister bubble Cleaning liquid, you can try it without buying a return.

✔️7 ingredients free
✔️Made in Japan
✔️PH value 5.5
✔️ Contains 95% plant-derived ingredients
✔️Plant soap flavor

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