The two of them endured the other half together but couldn't satisfy themselves and didn't want to be sorry to him... so it's a good idea☹️

Ohya's promotion in this issue~ Brazil Intt Orgasm Now Stimulating Gel Warming Sensitive Lifting Gel Vibrating Pen (15ml). Don't look at the thin twigs. Although they are short, they are fine gels that have lubricating, stimulating, increasing excitement, increasing sensitivity, and heating effects. If you are not strong enough to speak, the editor thinks you have nothing to lose

And it is very convenient to use, just open the cover and squeeze out a little gel to apply on your sister, then press down the body and tap the pen tip to vibrate, so you can play and massage slowly by yourself

In addition, the female sister has more than 8,000 sensory nerves. After applying the gel on it, it will continue to stimulate, increase sensitivity and libido ratio, and you will feel the feeling of ecstasy and death again.

✔️The design of the vibrating pen does not stick to your hands
✔️Multiple effects in one
✔️ Improve sensitivity and sexual desire
✔️Made in Europe

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