Whether you are one person or two, sometimes you have to compare each other and enjoy your own me time

Ohya's promotion in this issue~ Brazil Intt Vibration Liquid Shaking Eggs-Bubble Gum Flavor-European Series. Mingming is from Brazil, so I used the extract of Brazilian tangerine orange. According to the natural ingredients, I applied it to my sister. I didn’t wash it and rub it with my hands. As long as I put it on, it will wake up my sister’s nerves and make you feel unique. It is vibrating and numb feeling 〰️ and it is based on plant ingredients that you will not be surprised if you eat it.

Moreover, the pH value of female sisters (between 3.5-4.5) is simulated by a liquid shaker egg, and the pH value is around 4, which can help inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, so that you can use it with peace of mind.

✔️Easy to clean
✔️Complies with sister's PH value
✔️Adopted with Brazilian thousand-day orange extract
✔️Multiple uses masturbation oral sex flirting

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