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We also welcome Guest to purchase. Since there is no account to record purchases, they cannot enjoy the various benefits of members.

How to buy?

Customers can place orders directly on the website.

You can also call our order hotline 54002993 to provide our colleague with the article number to purchase.

Or contact 54002993 with Whatsapp and we will assist you to complete the purchase.

Change/Cancel order

Once the order is confirmed, the system will automatically send the order information to our warehouse for record, and the inventory quantity will be updated in real time. We reserve the designated goods for you, therefore, you cannot cancel the order or change the order content, please forgive me.

If the user wants to change or cancel the order, please contact with WhatsApp during our office hours 54002993 ,Colleagues will follow up for you as soon as possible.

Any discount for order

Our shop has many discounts for customers to choose!

1. Ohya VIP Club members accumulate shopping rewards! Details

2. Shopping discount discount

  • Orders over $800 | 5% off
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  • Orders over $3000|10% off

3. Members enjoy 5% cash rebate for shopping




1. 退換保證旨在為買家提供信心保證,不會買到市面大量充斥的低劣仿品

1.1. 請致電本店職員,查詢貨品使用方法是否正確
1.2. 如確定貨品送錯,請按照 (2)方式辦理
1.2. 如確定貨品故障,請按照 (3)方式辦理
1.3. 本店收到退換貨品後,可立即安排換貨。如換貨價值低於原本購買之貨品,餘額不會退回。

2. 如寄貨客戶收取貨品後,發現有送錯需要更換

2.1. 請致電本店職員,確認貨品寄送出錯
2.2. 如確定貨品寄錯,請攜單據及貨品到本店換貨,或以速遞送回本店辨理換貨。 (運費由買家單獨負責)
2.3. 重寄之貨品,運費由本公司負責。 

3. 如收到貨品後,發現有故障需要更換

3.1. 請致電本店職員,確認貨品故障問題
3.2. 如確定貨品故障,請攜單據及貨品到本店更換貨品。
3.3. 如確定貨品故障,如客以速遞送回本店辨理換貨。 (所有產生運費由買家單獨負責)
3.4. 所有貨品故障,只可免費更換一次,客戶於門市更換時請當面檢查產品狀況是否良好,一經出門不更換。
3.5. 所有貨品故障,只可免費更換一次,如客戶選擇速遞辦理退換貨,客戶等同自動放棄檢查產品狀況權利,一經寄出恕不更換。

為免爭拗,所有壞貨退換本店一律不接受寄送方式退換,請務必當面認明才作更換。如必須寄送方式退換,等同接受 3.3.5聲明。


More detail about the product

If you have any questions about the product? You are welcome during our office hours (12:00-21:00 every day)

WhatsApp contact us

Please write down the product number of the product you want to check, or provide us with a product link so that colleagues can quickly follow up for you.

Delivery and shipping issues
After ordering, how many days will receive the goods

The daily cut-off time is 16:00 pm, the order is placed on the same day and the payment is completed before the cut-off, the day will be shipped! The fastest delivery the next day!

No delivery on Sundays and public holidays, delivery will be postponed to the next working day.

Shipping calculation! How much is free shipping?

We offer multiple delivery methods!


Most shipping methods only need to clear the fee over $300, and all "Hong Kong and Macau" free shipping.

If you need to send it overseas, we will send it by EMS, and the freight will be borne solely by the buyer.

EMS calculation !After placing the order, we will calculate the freight and confirm with the customer.

Another point-to-point 4-hour delivery service in Hong Kong is provided by LALAMOVE. Customers can contact us after placing an order if they need to choose. All shipping costs are borne by the customer.

Order status and tracking

After the warehouse is shipped, the order status will be changed to "Delivered"

The system will automatically send an email to the customer's email, the email contains order information, express waybill number, and product tracking link.

If the customer does not receive this email, please check your email trash.

Customers can also log into the member account to check the latest status of the order.

Please click the order record after login

Then press the order tracking button, you can see your courier delivery status at a glance.

Member account

1. 請檢查電郵地址是否填寫正確?