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Eve Dolls 超乳 2.3kg

Eve Dolls 超乳 2.3kg

Eve Dolls Ultra Breasts 2.3kg


Fans of paizuri and breast-lovers in general can rejoice at the Eve Dolls' Breasts. These stunners are an amazing pair of jugs made from fantastically soft and stretchy material, but still somehow manage to feel faithful to the touch. Designed to be laid down flat on a table or surface, you can pull and play with these puppies in all kinds of way, not to mention slide your member between them. 


The realistic texture is achieved through a four-part design, which balances an outer skin and nipples with soft inner materials. 


Grope it, suck it, and slide your cock within the tit for those long paizuri sessions whenever you want them.


- 2.3kg
- Soft, realistic breasts for paizuri

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  • Brand: Japan Brand
  • Product Code: 004626
  • Availability: In Stock
屯門倉 深水埗店 觀塘店
  • HK480
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Tags: Eve Dolls, 巨乳, 乳交