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What we have here is a nice little portable pet bottle attachable washer! It’s not even bigger than 10 centimeters! And not only its superior when it comes to portability, thanks to it being made of silicon it hardly gets dirty and is really safe to use. Just attach it to any pet bottle with an easy push and you are ready! Use for either vagina or anus for intense water play or why not use it to clean your masturbator? Super Wash is an excellent all-around washer that simply shouldn’t be missed out on!

Inside the nosepiece there is a uniquely designed spiral that powerfully will squirt out the water for satisfying results! And as there is no built in water tank like many other washers out there on the market, you can choose whatever pet bottle size you want that fits your wishes just perfectly! To use SUPER WASH to insert lotion in the vagina and so forth is of course also possible!

*We can promise you that SUPER WASH will fit on any pet bottle produced by Japanese major brands! Please be assured though that there might be some special bottles it won’t fit on. 

Imported from Japan

A simple, compact and portable package!

As its 100% made out of silicon no hygienic worries are needed for either anal or vaginal play!

To attach it to a pet bottle is really simple. An easy push is all that is needed! Still there might be some difference in how it fits on different pet bottles.

To be able to choose desired water amount is really convenient! This is one of Super Wash’s most interesting features!

With high water pressure you can expect water flow all the way to the inside of the vagina! And why not use it to clean your masturbators? All-around is the word!

Based on how hard you squeeze the pet bottle you can adjust the water pressure. It can even be used as a portable bidet! The versatility is amazing!

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