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Cleaning towels

Brand: Rends
Here is the ultimate wet sheet with specially chosen healthy ingredients that not only will make you clean but also leaves a good sexy smell! It will completely clean your sacred parts and as it is made out of 100% natural material its kind to your skin. Thanks to a perfect thickness it also works g..
RENDS 自慰器強力吸水布 RENDS 自慰器強力吸水布
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Brand: Rends
由日本RENDS製造的超強力吸顯毛布,採用微纖維織物製造,品質出眾,適合抹乾各類清洗後的名器/按摩棒,不易脫色,不易掉毛,十分耐用!- 1包含有2塊毛布 - 30cm X 30cm - 特殊纖維製造 - 吸水力特強 - 不易脫色 - 不易掉毛由日本引進..
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